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Recently, it has come to our company’s attention that some suppliers of food grade Hydrogen peroxide are claiming that their product contains no stabilisers. It should be noted that almost all of the hydrogen peroxide sold in Australia must contain some stabilisers, otherwise the product is considered unsafe. Un-stabilised Hydrogen peroxide will decompose.

Consider the following points:

1.The Pharmaceutical Grade 35% Hydrogen peroxide referred to in the “One Minute Cure” – an American publication  Is not the same  product as HYDROPURE 35 (35% Pharmaceutical Food Grade)supplied by ANPROS Pty Ltd. In Australia, Pharmaceutical Grade is a higher purity than Food Grade.

2.The only product that can safely be considered for medical applications is HYDROPURE 35 {35% Pharmaceutical Grade which is two    grades higher than normal food grade and contains only 7ppm (7mg/L) of food grade stabilisers.The low concentration of stabilisers in HYDROPURE 35 is further reduced when additions of between 3 to 25 drops of 35% HYDROPURE is added to 200ml (ie 6 – 8  ounces) of distilled water (Page 74, “ The One Minute Cure”)

3. The normal ANPROS Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide available in 35%, 30%, 12%, 6% , 3% & 0.3% contains a higher level of  stabilisers  than HYDROPURE 35 and hence should not be used for medical applications.

4. It should also be noted that  ANPROS Pty Ltd is  a Quality Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Company. – your Guarantee of Quality Products & Personal Customer Service. ANPROS has currently  three(3) Chemists on our staff who maintain all types and grades of Hydrogen peroxide under refrigerated storage  at our warehouse in Boronia, Victoria. Since our staff are not medically qualified, our company cannot, by law, provide medical advice in regard to the use/s of Hydrogen peroxide. If information is required in this regard then reference to “The One Minute Cure”,  can be obtained by Googling the internet.

5. ANPROS can provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which contains information regarding the safety aspects of using Hydrogen Peroxide, together with its composition (including any stabilisers). Is your current supplier able to supply an SDS ?

6. According to the procedure for using food grade Hydrogen peroxide (ie HYDROPURE 35)as  outlined in the “One Minute Cure” the  program takes 23 days. It starts by adding 3 drops of food grade 35% Hydrogen peroxide /200ml  of distilled water (DW)  - 3 times a  day and finally adding, on Day 23, 25 drops /200ml  - 3 times a day. It is important to note that the actual concentration of 35%  Hydrogen peroxide actually ingested, amounts initially to  3 drops = 0.03ml/drop x 3 = approx. 0.1ml 35% Hydrogen peroxide/200ml  distilled water, which is equal to diluting the 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide 0.1/200ml = 1 / 2000 of 35% = 0.0175% Food grade  Hydrogen peroxide The extremely low level of stabilisers(ie 7mg/L) also decreases to 0.0035mg/L, which in both cases is not  significant. On day 23, the level of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide ingested is  0.1458%. The Level of stabilisers at the maximum  dosage rate = 0.0292 mg/L (0.0292ppm)which also is not significant.

7. It has also come to our notice that 3% Hydrogen peroxide purchased from Pharmacies has been stored, unrefrigerated on a shelf.  In this situation, at elevated temperatures, the Hydrogen peroxide will decompose to Water & Oxygen. Hence, some of the 3%  Hydrogen peroxide sold by Pharmacies may contain a  high percentage of water.