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Consider the following points


ANPROS Pty Ltd is a Quality Certified ISO 9001: 2015 Company. – your Guarantee of Quality Products & Personal Customer Service.

ANPROS has currently two (2) Chemists on our staff who maintain Hydrogen peroxide under refrigerated storage at our warehouse in Boronia, Vic.

Since our staff are not medically qualified, our company cannot, by law, provide medical advice in regard to the use/s of Hydrogen peroxide.

ANPROS can provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Is your current supplier able to supply an SDS and/or a COA?


1.     Recently, it has come to our company’s attention that some suppliers of food grade Hydrogen peroxide are claiming that their product contains no stabilisers.  It should be noted that almost all of the hydrogen peroxide sold in Australia must contain some stabilisers, otherwise the product is considered unsafe. Un-stabilised Hydrogen peroxide will decompose.

2.     HYDROPURE 35 contains only 7 parts per millon (7mg/L) of food grade stabilisers.  The low concentration of stabilisers in HYDROPURE 35 is further reduced when diluted. 


4.     Hydrogen peroxide 3% & 6%.  3% Hydrogen peroxide is normally sold at a chemist or pharmacy. This product is stored on retail shelves and not refrigerated, hence will gradually decompose, thus decreasing the level of hydrogen peroxide below the percentage indicated on the label.

Dilution from 35% to 3% (approx) with distilled water:


Place 100ml of 35% Hydrogen peroxide in a container and add 1000ml of distilled water to make a total volume of 1100ml of approx. 3% Hydrogen peroxide.



Hydrogen peroxide is available in pack sizes of 500ml, 1Litre, 2.5Litres & 5.0Litres (supplied as either 5.0L or 2 x 2.5L) 

Please Note:

1. If the product is required to be shipped, it is important to note that for each of the pack sizes available, the freight cost is very nearly the same however, the greater the pack size, the cheaper is the Hydrogen peroxide on a Cost/ Litre basis

2. Goods can be collected from our warehouse in Boronia, Vic. 3155 by arrangement.

EXAMPLE ONLY - Freight to Sydney NSW in the case of 30% & 35% Hydrogen peroxide (Dangerous Goods)

Pack sizes greater than 1 Litre are Freighted by Startrack Couriers

1 x 2.5L                                                                                              $79.60

1 x 5.0L                                                                                              $79.60

2 x 5.0L                                                                                              $82.40

3 x 5.0L                                                                                              $87.36

4 x 5.0L                                                                                              $94.30

 Note: If Hydrogen peroxide is required on a regular basis, then it is more economical to purchase the larger pack size of 5.0L and only pay one freight charge !!!

Note: Pricing is not inclusive of GST


Please contact ANPROS for a Freight Quote to anywhere in Australia