ANPROPECT 500EP White Winemaking Enzyme


Dosage Rate : 30 -70g(24ml- 56ml)/Tonne
Nominal Dosage Rate : 50g(40ml)/Tonne

This enzyme is a combination of cellulaseand pectinase specifically developed for use in the Wine Industry. This enzyme can be added to the juice at either the macerating or clarification stages and is extremely temp. tolerant, remaining active at temperatures as low as 5C.( such as chilled must).

Note : Refer Technical Data sheet

The Optimal Dosage Rate for each of the enzymes listed is dependant on the following;
1. The temperature of the juice/ must – A higher dose rate is required for colder juice.
2. The period of time during which the enzyme is in contact with the juice/ must.
– Short contact periods require higher dose rates, while longer contact times, lower dose rates.

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150g (120ml) 3T, 1kg (800ml) 20T, 250g (200ml) 5T, 500g (400ml) 10T, 50g (40ml) 1T


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