1100 Per Pack. Reduces Turbulence (large bubble formation) in boiling flasks during Alcohol Distillation.

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Ensure Smooth Boiling with AntiBumping Glass Balls (3mm)

Experience safer and more predictable boiling with these 3mm AntiBumping Glass Balls. These tiny spheres are specifically designed to prevent the violent boiling often encountered with certain liquids, promoting a smoother and more efficient heating process.

Enhanced Boiling Control:

Reduced Bumping: As your liquid boils, these glass balls create nucleation sites throughout the solution. This promotes the formation of smaller, more uniform bubbles, significantly reducing the risk of violent bumping and splashing.

Improved Heat Transfer: The presence of the glass balls within the liquid improves heat distribution, ensuring consistent and even boiling throughout your solution.

Safer Laboratory Environment: By minimizing bumping, these glass balls help prevent hazardous spills and splatters, promoting a safer laboratory environment.

Superior Material and Design:

Chemically Inert: Composed of high-quality borosilicate glass, these anti-bumping balls are chemically inert. This ensures they won’t react with your solutions, maintaining the purity and integrity of your samples.

Reusable and Durable: These glass balls are built to withstand repeated use. They can be easily cleaned and reused for countless experiments, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

Optimal Size for Efficient Boiling: The 3mm diameter is ideal for most laboratory flasks and beakers. These small balls provide ample surface area for effective boiling control without hindering liquid flow or reaction dynamics.

Broad Range of Applications:

Organic Chemistry: Effectively prevent bumping when boiling organic solvents, promoting safer distillation and reflux processes.

Biological Preparations: Ensure smooth boiling during media preparation and other biological experiments that involve heating aqueous solutions.

General Laboratory Use: These anti-bumping glass balls are a valuable tool for any laboratory application that involves boiling liquids, promoting safety and efficiency.

Invest in a Smoother Boiling Experience:

These 3mm AntiBumping Glass Balls are an essential addition to any laboratory.  By preventing bumping, they ensure safer boiling, improved heat transfer, and a more predictable overall process.  Experience the difference and elevate your boiling applications with these versatile and reliable glass balls.

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