PIPETTE BRUSH SIZE: 330(L) x 76(W) x 3mm(Dia.)


These brushes contain hard wearing, stiff, 3mm diameter nylon bristles for easy cleaning of pipettes

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Keep Your Pipettes Sparkling Clean: Introducing the Efficient Pipette Brush

Ensure thorough and effortless cleaning of your pipettes with this dedicated pipette brush! Measuring 330mm in length, 76mm in width, and featuring a brush diameter of 3mm, this brush is specifically designed to reach into the narrow depths of pipettes, effectively removing residue and contaminants.

Crafted for Optimal Cleaning:

Long and Thin Design: The 33cm length allows the brush to navigate the full length of most pipettes, ensuring a complete clean.

Flexible Yet Sturdy: The brush itself is crafted with high-quality nylon bristles that are stiff enough to scrub away stubborn residue but flexible enough to bend without damaging delicate pipette tips.

3mm Diameter: The narrow brush diameter perfectly fits the narrow openings of pipettes, ensuring cleaning reaches all internal surfaces.

Benefits of a Clean Pipette:

Improved Accuracy: Clean pipettes ensure accurate and precise measurements, essential for reliable scientific research and laboratory work.

Reduced Contamination Risk: A clean pipette minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between samples, safeguarding the integrity of your experiments.

Extended Pipette Lifespan: Regular cleaning with this brush prevents buildup and wear, promoting the longevity of your pipettes.

Invest in Efficient Cleaning:

This pipette brush is an essential tool for any laboratory. Its size and design make it ideal for cleaning various pipette types, promoting accurate results and protecting your valuable equipment. Order today and experience the ease and efficiency of maintaining clean pipettes!


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