INCLUDES COLOUR, NOSE, PALATE & ANY WINE FAULTS A minimum sample of 200ml is required – 500ml or 750ml bottle may be supplied. Please ensure there is NO AIR present in the container.

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Discover the power of sensory evaluation with Anpros’ comprehensive range of sensory evaluation solutions. Our carefully curated selection of sensory evaluation tools and equipment is designed to elevate your product development process and enhance consumer satisfaction.

Key Features Sensory Evaluation :

Precise Sensory Analysis: Our sensory tools enable you to conduct accurate and detailed assessments of your products. From taste and aroma to texture and appearance, our solutions help you capture the essence of sensory experiences and gain valuable insights into consumer preferences.

Customizable Testing Parameters: With our versatile sensory equipment, you can customize testing parameters to align with your specific research objectives. Whether you’re evaluating food and beverages, cosmetics, or other consumer goods, our tools offer flexibility to adapt to various sensory testing methodologies.

Expertly Crafted Testing Kits: Our sensory kits are thoughtfully assemble to streamline your evaluation process. Each kit includes a range of sensory testing tools such as aroma strips, taste buds, texture analyzers, and color tools. Allowing you to comprehensively assess your products with ease.

User-Friendly Interface: Our sensory solutions are design with user experience in mind. With intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use functionalities, our tools ensure a seamless and efficient testing process, enabling you to focus on interpreting sensory data and making informed decisions.

Enhanced Consumer Insights: By utilizing our sensory tools, you gain valuable insights into consumer perceptions and preferences. This empowers you to refine your products, optimize flavor profiles, improve product packaging, and ultimately, deliver a superior consumer experience.

Choose Anpros for your sensory evaluation needs and unlock the potential to create products that captivate your target audience. Our innovative tools, customizable testing parameters, and expertly crafted kits empower you to make data-driven decisions. Leading to improved product quality and increased consumer satisfaction. Elevate your evaluation process today with Anpros. Buy your sensory product today.

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