SPECIMEN TUBE WITH CAP- 13 x 75MM – (10/Pack)


Flat bottom round glass culture tube with plastic cap.


Flat bottom round glass culture tube with plastic cap.

Spacemen tube with cap – 13 x 75mm – (10/pack) is a high-quality and reliable solution for safe and secure storage of biological samples in laboratories, medical clinics and research facilities. Our product comes in a pack of 10, which provides you with a convenient and affordable solution for your sample storage needs.

The tube is made of high-quality, transparent plastic material, which allows easy visual inspection of the sample. The 13 x 75MM size is ideal for storing large tissue samples. The secure cap prevents any damage or contamination during storage or transport.

Our Specimen Tube with Cap – 13 x 75MM – (10/pack) is easy to use. Simply collect the biological sample using a sterile broom or syringe and transfer it to the tube. After safely containing the sample, seal the tube with a cap, and label it with the appropriate information.

We design our product to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring the safe and reliable storage of biological samples. It is free of harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in a wide range of applications.

Choose the specimen tube with cap – 13 x 75MM – (10/pack) for its durability, ease of use and reliability. It is an essential tool for professionals in the healthcare industry, research laboratories and medical clinics, providing a safe and secure solution for the storage of biological samples.


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