Calibration of Hydrometer (Nitrogen Purged – Preservative added)

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Achieve Accurate Measurements with Standard Sugar Solution (12.4° Baume, 22.4° Brix)

Calibrate your refractometers and hydrometers with confidence using this Standard Sugar Solution. This solution offers a precisely controlled concentration of sugar, expressed in both degrees Baume (°Bé) and degrees Brix (°Bx), ensuring accurate and reliable instrument calibration.


Precisely Formulated:

Controlled Sugar Concentration: This solution is meticulously prepare to contain a specific amount of sugar, guaranteeing consistent results for calibrating your instruments.

Dual Scale Reference: The concentration is expressed in both °Bé and °Bx, providing compatibility with a wider range of refractometers and hydrometers used in various industries.

12.4° Baume (°Bé): This scale is commonly use in the food and beverage industry to measure the sugar content of solutions.

22.4° Brix (°Bx): This scale is another common measure of sugar concentration, often used in the sugar and juice industries.

Versatile Applications:

Refractometer Calibration: Standardize your refractometer to ensure accurate measurement of sugar content in various solutions, such as juices, syrups, and beverages.

Hydrometer Calibration: Calibrate your hydrometer for reliable determination of sugar concentration in solutions using the °Bé scale.

Quality Control Tool: This standard solution is a valuable tool for laboratories and production facilities involved in sugar processing and quality control of sugar-containing products.

Guaranteed Consistency and Reliability:

This Standard Sugar Solution is manufacture under strict quality control procedures to ensure consistent concentration and performance across batches. This allows you to maintain the accuracy of your instruments and confidently monitor the sugar content of your products.

Invest in Accurate Measurements:

For reliable and consistent measurement of sugar concentration, this Standard Sugar Solution is an indispensable tool. Its precise formulation, dual scale reference, and broad range of applications make it ideal for calibrating your instruments and ensuring the quality of your sugar-based products.

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